We launched Malmo, a powerful and flexible enterprise 3D product configurator

About us

We are an ever-growing team: developers, web designers and project managers who share a passion that has become a project and work in synergy every day, with the goal of creating digital solutions capable of bringing value to those who ask for our support.

The quality of each of our works comes from the mix of engineering and creative skills that sets us apart, combined with the values in which we believe and that we strive to convey on a daily basis through each project we deliver.

Our values

We work well and with peace of mind. That is why we believe that transparency and mutual trust are fundamental to achieving success together. These are the values that guide us.

  • Listening. We are committed to getting to know your real goals and needs, to support you in implementing and improving any of your projects.
  • Responsibility. In your product lies a part of moku and some of what we are capable of doing. That's why each project is treated with the respect it deserves, helping you make the right decisions for its success.
  • Flexibility. We take care of your projects, giving you the attention and time you need to realize your idea.
  • Innovation. We invest in the skills and knowledge needed to develop solutions that can help you compete in an ever-changing marketplace.


In these 10 years of activity we have gained a strong experience in the world of startups and new technologies, which allows us to always face new challenges by proposing tools and services consistent with your needs and expectations, and above all, scalable, flexible and replaceable solutions over time.

With an agile, flexible and personalized approach, we are able to adapt our work method to different needs and goals

We are convinced that each company is unique and with peculiarities to be valued, which is why every day we support companies, startups and professionals who want to improve the efficiency and potential of their business. We do this by carrying out projects and solutions in close collaboration with each of them, combining our experience and technological skills with their knowledge and vision.

Thanks to an agile, flexible and personalized approach, we are able to adapt our working method to different needs and objectives: digital transformation, design and development of ad hoc digital solutions or implementation of an entrepreneurial initiative.


A pool of experience and expertise ready to meet daily challenges, explore and integrate new technologies to support your business.

Contact us

If you think what we do might be right for you, contact us. We are always available to set up an appointment and introduce you to the team.