We launched Malmo, a powerful and flexible enterprise 3D product configurator


A consistent method leads to repeatable, high-quality results. These are the steps by which we will translate your project into reality.

01. Analysis

We analyze your target market and the state of the art of your business, and then assess your needs and goals with you. We help you identify the best digital solutions, timeframes and budgets needed to implement each individual project.

02. Comprehension

We explore the business context and identify opportunities, find the best solutions and the most suitable technologies. Through design sprint we quickly arrive at defining roadmaps, milestones, economics that help you make an informed choice.

03. Development

Through the agile method we bring the previously defined technology solution to life. Through two-week sprints we produce, iteratively, usable and ever-improving versions of each product, allowing you to get control of each development step, make corrections as you go, and dramatically reduce time to market.

04. Maintenance

Even if the project is closed, we continue to support you through ongoing maintenance cycles. We take care of training your staff on the specific product implemented and provide you with a six-month warranty from delivery. If necessary, we continue to keep the software up-to-date and secure through our maintenance and support contracts.

05. Evolution

Each of our products grows, updates, and adapts to your needs. The market, user feedback or new insights can lead you to change the product. That's why we make flexible software that can be easily revised and renewed over time, following a new dedicated analysis phase.

Methods of collaboration.

Each project is different from the other. Therefore, the mode of collaboration must adapt to the needs of the client and what we are going to accomplish together. Depending on the variability of requirements we propose more or less flexible contracts.

The analysis phase that we provide at the outset of each project serves to clarify your needs as much as possible, to formalize requirements or to plan in the most efficient way the first sprints of development.

Thanks to the use of collaborative platforms and the Agile working method we apply, we have the ability to have you test the product during development as well. This allows us to meet your changing needs while maintaining continuous control over the project.

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