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San Fermo

Web app for processing, managing and storing massive flows of paperwork and data. Implementation and deployment of new management software, with the development of an integrative app capable of collecting the functionality produced.

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The client

San Fermo is a Verona-based company that has been in the mobility services sector since 1975, supporting individuals and companies in obtaining driving and traffic permits as well as the bureaucratic management of vehicles. In constant dialogue with institutions and the largest operators in the sector, San Fermo has always invested in innovation and new technologies to support motorists, dealers and industry operators.


Registration and transfer of ownership, fleet and car fleet management, driver's licenses and permits, testing and inspections, stamps, taxes and schedules management, are the main services San Fermo has been offering its clients for over 30 years, capable of generating as many as 1,000 files a day to be processed, verified, processed and filed...manually.

The high number of daily transactions, the high risk of error, and the time taken to handle the paperwork prompted San Fermo to turn to us to achieve three main goals:

  • streamlining the digital acquisition of consumer personal and contact data;

  • the archiving and digital consultation of the consumer's personal data, with registration data and commercial specifications of the vehicles, to enhance customer assistance;

  • the capitalization of the new information architecture, through the development of new marketing services and "mobility as a service" business models.

Development process

We began a process of analyzing and studying every process that was taking place within the agency, establishing an ongoing dialogue and listening with those who were managing operations on a daily basis. This step was fundamental in understanding the operations and sedimented flows on which it would be a priority to operate, and led us to propose, as a first step, the development of a prototype for dealers: a web app that would allow guided data entry, sending practices to the agency, checking and processing practices, exporting them to their own management system and monitoring. The creation of this tool, in addition to reducing processing time and the risk of error, made it possible to bring all the communication that previously took place offline, within the San Fermo app.


Once the app was developed and implemented, our intervention shifted to updating the management software used by San Fermo. Developed in-house a few decades ago and over the years modified with ad hoc additions based on needs, it was a software that was no longer able to handle the agency's large flow of daily paperwork and did not allow for implementation of the unified application process. Therefore, our technical team initiated a software selection, with the goal of finding a certified management software capable of meeting the new needs that emerged. However, the software identified, capable of supporting San Fermo on a day-to-day basis, entailed the design of an integrative app that could collect some features and automations previously developed ad hoc:

  • data collector between dealers and agency;

  • receiving practice flows to be processed;

  • processing and sending practices to the management system;

  • extra services for San Fermo.

The interface design of the prototype for dealers and the integrative app for the agency's management system were created by our design team and executed in detail, with the goal of making navigation easy and usable.

Project timeline

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