We launched Malmo, a powerful and flexible enterprise 3D product configurator


Progressive custom web app capable of collecting and processing collected data and materials, even when there is no connection, automatically finalizing an official, downloadable report.

Cercato case study cover image

The client

The Cercato Group consists of three major entities: Cercato & Associati, Compass Srl and Special Risks, focused on offering expert witness, claims settlement and preventive evaluation services for non-ordinary risks, mainly to insurance companies and courts.

Specializing in liability, elementary lines of business and specialized risks with cross-cutting expertise in foreign, agribusiness, works of art and renewable energy, the Cercato & Associates team works through inspections, investigations and reports prepared by professionals with the most appropriate expertise, based on the characteristics of the assignment and the damaging event.


The complexity of the information, data and materials that must be collected and processed during each and every survey prompts Cercato & Associates to approach us for a solution that can simplify field operations through:

  • simple and orderly data collection;

  • automation of the calculation of risk scores;

  • automatic creation and transposition of a final report into a Microsoft Word document;

  • guided management of the entire flow by breaking down activities, roles and responsibilities.

Development process

After an initial phase of analysis of the survey procedures, the questionnaires conducted, the documentation and frames that the Cercato & Associates team collected during the survey and the final report produced, we propose the development of a progressive web app capable of:

  • collect and save data during the inspection;
  • enter notes and attach photos and documents (such as floor plans);
  • work even when there is no Internet connection, thanks to the use of Service Worker and IndexedDB technologies;
  • automatically save to a Google Drive folder – accessible to administrators – all documentation related to assignments, making it easy to find;
  • review and edit the documents and questionnaires produced during the inspection;
  • process and process the final report.


Working synergistically with the client, we were able to translate their method of calculating the risk score, expressed in probability and magnitude, into accurate algorithms, thus enabling the automation of the entire process that was previously provided through calculation tables.

Thanks to the development of this software, it became extremely simple for Cercato & Associati not only to compile and collect the data on site, but also to generate a complete final report in Microsoft Word format, including all the information collected, attachments and results obtained. A document that, once finalized, checked and endorsed by the engineering team, can be downloaded, printed and sent directly to the stakeholder.

Project timeline

Project start



April 2019