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An integrated software and web application that can monitor examinations, collect results, and reliably and quickly branch out to hospitals connected to it.

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Bedside is a company engaged in making products designed to support and improve technology applied to the medical field.


The extension and fragmentation of the hospital network in Italy, combined with a lack of homogeneity in the organization and use of resources, has led in recent years to accelerate the sharing of management processes aimed at improving the interaction between companies belonging to the same area (Area Vasta), not only in relation to technical-administrative processes, but also for some tasks.

Bedside, a Treviso-based company operating in the biomedical field and active in several hospitals in the area, after having previously involved us as a technology partner for the development of innovative "Hub and Spoke" solutions for the healthcare sector, requested our new technological support for the development of a system capable of connecting and dialoguing with neighboring hospitals connected to a single central facility, to return laboratory results for each sample.


After an initial phase of analysis of the pilot program the hospital was using to verify the flow of samples up to the laboratory, we proposed the development and integration of a software capable of monitoring the examinations performed, collecting the results and branching them-post technical validation-to the relevant hospitals, communicating with them through shared network folders, sockets and FTP.

This innovative technology – installed in the Treviso Central Hospital laboratory – along with the related web-based application developed, allows operators to check the status of examinations and process up to 1,600 per day. In just a few months, we have developed a system that enables:

  • consult, monitor, and manage each patient's exams;

  • keep track of patient examination history;

  • process a large number of examinations and requests;

Today the neighboring hospitals are: Castelfranco Veneto, San Donà di Piave and Conegliano.

Concept and interface design were created by the design team, based on the needs of laboratory technicians who need to find in the system and application an ally that can effectively and efficiently manage every operation.

The system is constantly being updated, with new features, new hospitals, and new machinery that can be integrated quickly and reliably.

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