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Custom software

We design, create, and develop tailor-made software solutions (web apps and mobile) and hardware (IoT, Machine Learning, and home automation). We specialize in integrated digital projects for both B2B and B2C environments.

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Choosing a custom-made path

Investing in tailor-made solutions, flexible and fully customizable, can be a crucial choice in carrying out your activities, and it's a journey that should be shared with a technical partner capable of meeting your company's needs.

We accompany and support you in this growth, to translate your expectations into strategies, objectives, and actions. We provide a multidisciplinary team specialized in consulting, design, user experience, and development.

Is custom software the right solution for you?

We're certain that custom software isn't always the correct solution. We begin by gathering and identifying your needs and essential requirements. Then, we proceed with a thorough technical analysis to pinpoint the technological solution that suits you best and guide you toward one of the two viable paths:

  • Tailored Solution: When creating custom software enables you to enhance organizational efficiency, improve the quality of services offered, optimize cost and resource management, or more generally, bring tangible benefits to your business.
  • Software Selection: When our analysis doesn't indicate a concrete advantage from developing a bespoke solution, we provide the necessary support to guide you in selecting an existing product and integrating it into your system.

The choice depends on a series of factors and needs, which we help you identify through dedicated activities designed to understand which solution is best for you.

Our Implementation

Once it's determined that implementing a bespoke solution is the most suitable choice, we delve into designing the UX and UI of your software before proceeding with the actual implementation.

Based on your company's path and needs, we design and develop web and mobile applications, progressive web applications, back-office and management programs, hardware solutions, and system integrations to enhance user experience. Each solution is tailored to meet specific requirements.

If integration with third-party software is required, we manage the relationship with the partner and all preparatory activities for system activation. At the end of each process, we proceed with the testing and validation phases, followed by necessary maintenance and support activities.

Throughout the design phase, we encourage close collaboration with our technical team. Through a process characterized by short development cycles and frequent meetings with developers, you can provide feedback and address any issues. We call these development sprint meetings, adopted from agile methodology and tailored to our work approach.